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Can-Bike Instructor certification opportunity

posted at January 16, 2012 09:17 (over 2 years ago)

Bike to the Future is looking for people who are interested in obtaining their Can-Bike 1 Instructor certification.

The Can-Bike program is a series of cycling courses on all aspects of cycling safety and skills, oriented toward recreational and transportation cycling.

The Can-Bike training is 16 to 18 hours, roughly split evenly between the classroom and the road.

Once completed, individuals will be certified as a Can-Bike 1 Instructor. More importantly, they would have the knowledge and skills to deliver a variety of workshops and courses using Can-Bike basics.

Bike the Future is currently looking for anyone interested in taking this training. The course dates have not yet been set, but they will likely begin in March or April, depending on weather. The goal at this point is to access interest so that Bike to the Future can plan accordingly.

For more information about the Can-Bike course, please contact Dave Elmore, Safety & Education Director, Bike to the Future.

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