STOP signs as YIELD signs for cyclists

Advocacy resources

If you are ticketed for rolling through a STOP sign, or if you'd like to help lobby for change to the Highway Traffic Act (PDF)

Idaho Stop Law was on the agenda of the City of Winnipeg's Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services meeting on October 9, 2009. The committee approved a motion:

  • that the City of Winnipeg Public Service report back to the Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services in 60 days with an analysis of the "Idaho stop law” and other similar regulations that may exist in other jurisdictions and recommendations regarding its potential implementation in Manitoba.

  • Info (In the top window, scroll down to 105. Idaho Stop Law under Reports and click on it.)

  • Winnipeg Police Service recommendation to not pursue an Idaho Stop Law for Winnipeg (2010-03-08) (PDF)

Further possible actions for BttF (members and supporters) to take:

  • Identify a number of quieter/safer streets that cyclists use to avoid fast/busy arterial streets, and document (or video) the number of STOP signs that are encountered as you ride along the quieter/safer route.

  • The next update of the Winnipeg Cycling Map should have tiny dots along every cycling route to indicate STOP signs.

STOP as YIELD print media stories (we also made three appearances on CBC Radio One and one appearance on CJOB):