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Better links to North End sought

posted at December 03, 2008 09:43 (over 5 years ago)
December 03, 2008
Rob Nay

A citizens' group is calling on the city to provide better links between the North End and the rest of Winnipeg for pedestrians and cyclists.

"The barriers to active living are huge," said Nona Pelletier, a member of the North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists group.

Yesterday, Pelletier and a number of other groups presented cases to support active transportation to the city's public works committee.

After hearing from multiple delegations, the committee voted to recommend increasing funding from $1.75 to $6 million for active transportation.

"It gets rid of congestion. It's good for the environment -- it especially resonates with young people," said Coun. Dan Vandal, who moved the motion to recommend the funding boost.

Pelletier and husband Greg Littlejohn spoke to the committee about obstacles for pedestrians and cyclists in the North End.

Safety concerns and steep bridge crossings at both Arlington Street and Salter Street are "intimidating" to people on foot or bicycle, said Littlejohn.

He pointed towards the possibility of creating a pedestrian and bike bridge from King Street into the North End as a possible way to improve accessibility.

One primary route could also be designated for active transportation in the North End alongside an existing street which might bring out more pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well, said Pelletier.

"We want to make it safer," she said. "Our community will thrive if it has this."

Pelletier said she was "thrilled" with yesterday's funding recommendation for active transportation.

The committee's recommendation will next have to get approval from the mayor's cabinet before it can move forward.

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